League Reopening

Monday, March 8, 2021

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Hey players! 

It’s about that time. 

We are officially starting leagues next week. Starting Sunday March 14th we will be resuming matches. 

It’s been a long year without play, and strangely enough it’s been almost exactly one year. I know it’s tough with so many of you wanting to wait, but my businesses need customers and many of my customers are really excited to get back out there. I’m trying to accommodate all, and it’s not been easy. 

As most of you know, we are finishing the Spring session from 2020 for the next two months and will be having a Citywide event sometime in June or July. 

At this point we have only 30% of the teams playing. Which means that this years Citywide will have much less competition. It also means the pool halls and bars will not be busy. Which is great for those of you ready to go. 

I want to express that we will be moving forward cautiously. Those who do not wear a mask when we begin, will not play. It will be required. It’s so important that we continue to socialize safely from a distance so we can continue to lower the rate of transmission. And I encourage you all to get vaccinated as soon as possible. 

For those of you who have a few interested players but are waiting to get vaccinated yourself, I have come up with a plan for your teams. We are going to allow multiple players to play twice. And with many of you still waiting, it doesn’t mean you can’t contribute. Team captains can still organize rosters, and see who can make it. You don’t have to be there physically to help your teams. Players can agree to remain on the roster and wait a few more weeks until it’s even safer to play. This way Qualified teams can keep their spots. Keep at least four players on the squad and if you have a few who are really ready, or even vaccinated, they might be able to carry the load in the beginning. Having two or three folks there to play the matches in their entirety will be allowed. We can also have makeups so when your team has more players they can make them up later in the session. In 4-6 weeks when you have more players ready, they can join and finish out the session and play in the Citywide Events. 

As far as payments goes, teams will be able to utilize the app for payment with the new Stripe feature. One person will have to pay for the entire match and you’ll have to Venmo or pay each other instead of paying the league cash. We will still be accepting cash, but for those teams who’d prefer not to handle it, there is an option now. 

I know this isn’t ideal, the situation itself is the opposite of ideal, and many of you will question the safety of this. But I assure you, if a player isn’t following the rules with distance and masks, their match will be forfeited, they will have to follow the rules or not play. If you don’t think you can follow the guidelines, you might not be ready to play. If you are feeling off at all, do not show up. We will be flexible with makeups, and teams will understand, we just need to communicate. If you have been around any possible positive cases, you’ll need to get tested before you play. 

This week I am trying to